Our convenient 4 step process

We handle everything from start to finish


How many units? How many floor plans? How many make-readys do you have per month? 


We schedule a meeting with your team to get all the specs and create a detailed action plan. 


This plan delineates key contacts & timelines — because you can’t afford delays in the leasing  process.

Custom Design

No two multifamily properties are alike — and no two closet designs should be either.


We analyze your property carefully to come up with the optimal layout for each unit type. 


This one-time setup ensures quality & consistency within every installation, so maintenance is a breeze.  


We meet with your site manager to review the program and lay out the timeline.


We coordinate each installation with your maintenance team — so you never have to think about it.


The actual installation takes 4 hours or less. We typically install when the unit is up for lease or renovation.

Quality Control

Quality products need quality installations —  to ensure a product that lasts for years.


Our closets are skillfully crafted —  but they won’t perform as promised if they’re not installed properly. 


That’s why we see the job to the end, supervising a careful installation that ensures outstanding performance.


“I had already upgraded the floors, appliances, and exteriors of our complex.


I was looking for another way to add value — but I needed a vendor that would ensure a smooth process. I had no time for issues or excuses.”

– JR Bolos   |   Hive Properties


Our team is standing by to answer questions on custom closet systems and fulfill your need for make ready improvements to your property. Contact us any time via email, phone or our exclusive LIVE CHAT option. We are ready to help your business grow.